• Hi friends! I made this blog to share my gap year adventures and to offer advice/inspiration to those considering taking one! I decided I wanted to take a gap year because, for one, I wanted to try out different fields to see what I am interested in and to get work experience before college, two, because I can see how hard it is for college graduates to take time off to travel and having these types of life-changing experiences abroad is not something I want to miss out on, and three, because I love being in environments where I am completely out of my comfort zone, forced to speak different languages, and can soak up new cultures every second.

    Here is a short summary of the year so far: During the fall of 2015, I lived in Europe doing two different internships. I first lived in Brussels, Belgium, working at an architecture firm, salsa dancing, and doing weekend trips to Amsterdam, London, Brugge, and Antwerp. Then I lived in Barcelona for two months, working at a non-profit organization and taking art classes. I came home for the holidays and interned in New York city at a Branding agency for a little while, then flew to California. In Los Angeles, I visited family and friends. For three months, I lived in Sydney, Australia, where I interned at a sustainability NGO, studied at a school for Fine Arts, and worked in a pub! Next, I went to South East Asia where I traveled through Cambodia and Vietnam for one month and then taught English in a rural village near Hanoi. When I came back to the United States, I worked as a sailing instructor for two months.

    After much reflection, I can confidently say that taking a Gap Year was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Traveling was such an amazing opportunity to learn about the world and myself, to mature, to meet the most fascinating people, and to take time to slow down. Although it was tough to put off college, I am even more excited to go to Harvard this fall!

    My year on a map: download

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    Updates from the road:

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