Please join me to raise money to give one Luci lamp to every child in the Jacaranda School in Malawi and light up their futures.

What is my project? There are over 3 billion people in the world that either are not on the electrical grid or cannot afford it. “Luci Lights Up Malawi” addresses this global need and provides a solution to the urgent crisis. In my self designed project, my goal is to raise enough money to send one solar powered lantern to the 300 children in the Jacaranda Primary School in Malawi. Although this is only helping a small percentage of the people who do not have electricity, any help we give is slowly eradicating energy poverty.
What is Luci? Luci is a micro solar powered lamp designed by MPOWERD. It is light weight, collapsible, and extremely durable. It charges under direct sunlight or incandescent light and holds a single charge for 3 months, but lasts for at least 2 years. Unlike other solar powered devices that only are used as flashlights, Luci also serves as a task light and diffused lantern. It gives 15 square feet of light and is water resistant. Not only does it have two brightness settings to retain charge but it also has a setting for flashing lights which is very useful in emergencies.
What is the impact? My project will have life changing effects on all of the children and their families. The village of Jacaranda has no electricity whatsoever and relies on candles or kerosene lamps, usually homemade. On average, at least 5 houses burn down per month in villages that rely on these light sources. By giving the Lucis to the children, their entire families will beneifit. The risk of fire will decrease dramatically and 25% of the families’ weekly budget will not be wasted on buying oil for the kerosene lamps. Additionally, the children will no longer inhale the toxic fumes of the kerosene lamps that lead to lung cancer and excruciating headaches. Most importantly, education will greatly benefit from the Lucis. Candles or kerosene lamps give off a dim light, capable of being used by only one person, while its solar powered counterparts illuminate a whole room. The children will now be able to read and study during the evening. Lastly, the lamps will create a more safe environment. Carrying a lamp while walking on the street at night or keeping your house illuminated will lower the chances of being attacked by robbers, thieves, etc.
Why Jacaranda? I was inspired to do this project by my friend, Derek de Jonge, who lives in the Netherlands but used to live in my neighborhood in Connecticut. This July, he went to the village of Jacaranda for the second year in a row to help build houses, introduce sports, teach english, and give hope to the inhabitants of the village. He and his team have made tremendous improvement and have upheld the meaning of the name of the village, derived from the Jacaranda tree, representing hope. Here is Derek’s website:


How can you help?Tell your friends about my project and light up someone’s life by making any contribution, however large or small! Our goal will be reached one Luci at a time.
Email me at: if you have any questions!

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Donate $10

Donate 1 lamp. One child will now have a Luci and will be able to do homework during the evening while reducing their chance of getting lung cancer from toxic kerosene lamps.

Donate $20

Donate 2 lamps. Now a sister and a brother will have Lucis and 25% of their families' weekly budgets will not be wasted on the oil for kerosene.

Donate $50

Donate 5 lamps. Now 5 families will have light! The risk of their houses burning down will go down tremendously and their futures are brighter than ever!

Donate $100

Donate 10 lamps. Now there are 10 less people out of the 3 billion who do not have any means of light.

Donate $200

Donate 20 lamps. Now almost 10% of the children in the Jacaranda School will have Lucis.